Our origins


We propose a trip in time,
from 1971 to the present day

In 1971 the teacher José S. Revillas Ruiz moved from Seville, his hometown, to Fuengirola, a town in Málaga that saw him grow up and to which he felt strongly linked.

During that first course

During that first school year, he humbly teaches primary school classes to a small group of students. A few years later he built, not without a few efforts and with his wife and companion María Fernanda Guillén Amorós, a first Preschool and E.G.B.

In the 1988/89 academic year

In the 1988/89 academic year an ambitious project was launched, demanded years ago by the parents themselves, which consisted in creating an educational line from Infant to C.O.U., so that the students could attend all the compulsory education in the same center.

In just three years

In just three years the school underwent a profound transformation, doubling the number of students, professors and non-teaching staff, expanding its facilities and services and creating a second line from Infant to Baccalaureate, thus becoming the first complete and private center of Fuengirola

Finally, in 2007

Finally, in 2007 the Salliver Infantile School opens its doors as an independent center, for students from 0 to 6 years old.

Today, after several decades

Today, after several decades of work shared by the entire Educational Community, we are very proud to have built a comprehensive training center, whose classrooms have passed several generations of students, and has achieved achievements at all levels: local, provincial, regional, national and international, in the different fields in which an educational center can compete: cultural, artistic, sports and academic.

We keep growing and improving

We continue to grow and improve, with the help of all, to make excellence our commitment and hallmark.