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This first educational stage is decisive to promote the correct intellectual, motor, social and affective development of the students, through educational experiences that stimulate learning and the acquisition of new skills




Learning goals

  • Know, understand and assess the basic aspects of the functioning of the body itself and the impact of the various acts and personal decisions, both in individual and collective health and the benefits of the habits of physical exercise, hygiene and a balanced diet, as well as leading a healthy life.
  • Form an adjusted image of yourself, its characteristics and possibilities and act autonomously and balanced assessing the effort and overcoming difficulties.
  • Relate to other people and integrate in a participative way in group activities with supportive and tolerant attitudes, free of inhibitions and prejudices, recognizing and critically valuing social differences and rejecting any type of discrimination.
  • Analyze the mechanisms and values that govern the functioning of societies, especially those related to the rights and duties of citizens and establishing critical judgments about them.
  • Analyze the basic mechanisms that govern the functioning of the physical and natural environment, assessing the repercussions that human activities have on it and actively contributing to the defense, conservation and improvement of it as a determinant of quality of life.
  • Know and appreciate the natural, cultural, and historical heritage of Andalusia and analyze the elements and basic features of it, enhancing its integration into the diversity of State Communities.
  • Know and value the scientific and technological development, its applications and incidence in the physical, natural and social environment, to improve the quality of life.
  • Know, appreciate and value cultural heritage, actively contributing to its conservation and improvement, understanding linguistic and cultural diversity as a right of peoples and individuals, and developing an attitude of interest and respect towards the exercise of this right.
  • Understand and produce oral and written messages in Spanish, attending to the peculiarities of Andalusian speech, with ownership, autonomy and creativity, using them to communicate and organize thought reflect on the processes involved in the use of language.
  • Understand and express contextualized oral and written messages in a foreign language.
  • Interpret and produce with ownership, autonomy and creativity messages that use artistic, scientific and technical codes, in order to enrich their communication possibilities and reflect on the processes involved in their use.
  • Develop strategies to identify and solve problems in a reasoned way in the different fields of knowledge and experience, contrasting them and reflecting on the process followed to allow their generalization.
  • Obtain and select information, using the sources in which it is usually available, treat it autonomously and critically, with a previously established purpose and transmit it to others in an organized and intelligible manner.
  • To know the beliefs, attitudes and basic values of our tradition and cultural heritage, to value them critically and to choose those options that best favor their integral development as people.
  • To promote awareness and concern for others, especially for those most in need, in accordance with the guidelines and criteria of the Diocesan Church.


The talent of each person becomes visible at this stage. Salliver works to guide its students towards a successful future, this is reflected in the excellent results achieved in prizes, competitions and external tests, including the University Entrance Examinations (PAU).

Our students stand out for their creativity, autonomy, responsibility and entrepreneurial spirit.


During this stage our students direct their steps to their professional future, in a multilingual environment in which English, and German in the 1st year of Bachillerato, are part of the usual subjects.

Salliver teaches training in the Baccalaureate of Science and Social Sciences.


Libros 1º BachilleratoLibros 2º Bachillerato
Matemáticas I (Ciencias)

Editorial SM (Licencia digital) ISBN 9788467581171

Matemáticas II (Ciencias)

Editorial SM (Licencia digital) ISBN 9788467588088

Matemáticas aplicadas a las CC.SS. (Ciencias Sociales)

Editorial SM (Licencia digital) ISBN 9788467581393

Matemáticas aplicadas a las CC.SS.II (Ciencias Sociales)

Editorial SM (Licencia digital) ISBN 9788467588095

Lengua Castellana y Literatura I

Editorial Oxford (Libro en papel + Licencia digital) ISBN 9788467385519

Lengua Castellana y Literatura II

Editorial Oxford (Libro en papel + Licencia digital) ISBN 9780190502966

Filosofía y Ciudadanía

Editorial Oxford (Libro en papel + Licencia digital) ISBN 9788467363685

Historia de España

Editorial Vicens Vives (Libro papel) ISBN 9788468243993

Lengua Extranjera. Inglés. Cambridge English Advanced Result.

Editorial Oxford. Student’s Book (Libro papel) ISBN 9780194512497

Geografía (Ciencias Sociales)

Editorial Anaya (Libro papel) ISBN 9788469813232

Hª Mundo Contemporáneo (Ciencias Sociales)

Editorial Vicens Vives (Libro papel) ISBN 9788468238968

Economía de la Empresa (Ciencias Sociales)

Editorial SM (Libro en papel + Licencia digital) ISBN 9788467587128

Economía (Ciencias Sociales)

Editorial SM (Libro papel + Licencia digital) ISBN 9788467576542

Física (Ciencias)

Oxford (Licencia digital) ISBN 9780190514709

Física y Química (Ciencias)

Oxford (Licencia digital) ISBN 9788467324204

Química (Ciencias)

Oxford (Licencia digital) ISBN 9780190514716

Dibujo Técnico I (Ciencias)

Editorial Alarcón (Libro papel) ISBN 9788461361472

Dibujo Técnico II (Ciencias)

Editorial Alarcón (Libro papel) ISBN 9788461361458