Our Mission, Vision, Values

Salliver is an educational center that provides its students with comprehensive training in all stages of education, from Early Childhood Education to Baccalaureate. Our experience over the years has helped us to understand teaching globally and to develop a methodology adapted to the needs of students, without losing sight of the demands of the academic and work environment.

Integral Formation

During all schooling, we work to provide an integral education to our students, which allows the full development of their intellectual and emotional capacities. This means developing the ability to perceive, understand and control feelings in a way that favors personal maturation, encourage the learning of other languages and cultures to create an international awareness and reach a high academic level.



The educational center imparts the stages of Preschool 0-2 years, Infant Education, Primary, Secondary and Baccalaureate.

From the first cycle to the University Access Tests, we prepare our students to access higher education and face the world of work with all the tools and resources that this requires.

The excellent results obtained at the end of their schooling are the result of constant learning throughout the different educational stages and the commitment of the entire center to the education of our students.

Multilingual Teaching

The official language of the school is Spanish, although 50% of teachers use English as the vehicular language. This means that, beyond imparting a series of subjects in English, our concept of multilingualism leaves the classroom and becomes a natural way of communication between teachers and students.

English learning

The learning of English begins at two years and continues up to 2nd year of Bachillerato. During the stages of Early Childhood and Primary Education, students have 50% of the day in Spanish and the other 50% in English. In Secondary, the subjects that are part of the bilingual program constitute 33% of the school day.

Third language: German

Our commitment to languages is more alive than ever. Therefore, we have introduced German as a curricular subject in Primary, Secondary and Baccalaureate Education, taking one more step to become a multilingual center. During Baccalaureate, students can choose to take an optional German course.

Obtaining official titles

The center also has a language school, where they are prepared to pass the official exams of Trinity College, Cambridge University and Goethe Institut.

Similarly, we offer our students the possibility of participating in language immersion programs both in Europe and in America. Through these programs students can study from two weeks to a school term in a school in Germany, England, Ireland or Canada.

Educative Offer

Our educational team is made up of professionals with extensive experience in their area of knowledge and in the teaching of it. At the same time, the closeness to students and families is a basic element for us, because it allows us to work together in the full development of the academic and personal abilities of each student.

New Technologies

The incorporation of new technologies into the classroom fosters greater access to information, interactivity in learning and collaboration between students, teachers and families.

The implementation of the "iPads one to one" project from the 4th year of Primary, is for our students a qualitative leap to be the protagonists of their own learning, with access to virtual learning communities and other collaborative environments that are changing the traditional way to learn and share information.